Summertime, Summertime…

Summertime, Summertime…

July 18, 2016



Wow!  Are we really more than halfway into summer?!  The other day I saw school supplies in the stores…is fall almost here?

I won’t complain…it has been so hot here in Texas!  But, oh how fun it is!

summer 2

I do hope everyone is having a wonderful and especially safe summer!  Enjoy the rest of the summertime activities, and if you are planning your wedding, or having a late summer event, be sure to stay hydrated and “keep your cool”!



Let’s also be positive and kind through these very difficult days that we have seen…as much as we love our neighbor and desire goodness, we can pray for world peace!


Live, Laugh and Love Life!


Thanks for checking in and give me a call for your last minute summer bridal needs.  I have a huge selection of quick and ready veils and some Sample Sale items.