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End of Summer and Fall Ready!

September 16, 2015   I love the Fall events that come around this time of year!  I will be participating, for the first time, in the fall Bridal Open House at Crystal Springs, in Magnolia, Texas.  Take a look and give them a call...I am sure there will be some great ideas and offers for [...]

Capture Your Wedding Day…

August 22, 2015 I have this thing...this love for everything bridal.  I also love, love, love art!  These sketches and illustrations are a collection I have in a file just because they are not only beautiful and sometimes whimsical, but so inspirational. Seeing these sketches and illustrations today, made me want to share with you.  [...]

The Veil

July 31, 2015 Have you decided to wear a bridal veil on your wedding day?  Oh...I hope so!  I guess I could say I am a little partial to the wedding veil, as there are so many to choose from and they are all so beautiful! As far as tradition goes, we know that the [...]


July 8, 2015 I am so glad that you have found my website.  I hope you will enjoy my very first blog post ever! Thank you Laurie Landrum for the re-design and putting this all together for me! I am looking forward to sharing lots of my pretties, some inspiration, what is new, and of [...]