February 4, 2019

There are so many decisions to be made when planning your wedding.  When the major decisions  are complete, you are now ready to consider  your gown alterations and think about your accessories.  This is a good time to add special touches to your gown or create a very special veil.  Simply adding one special touch, weather sentimental or new, may be just what you have in mind!

One of my favorite, and a most special thing to consider,  is how to honor a special loved one who is not able to be with you as you walk down the aisle.

I would love to help you with that…bringing something old, new, borrowed or blue to  your wedding look, or perhaps just a sweet token to make it extra special.

Shown below are examples of Vintage Laces and Appliques,  taken from a vintage veil or perhaps right off a wedding gown from a loved one’s bridal ensemble.  Do you have access to your Mom’s or Grandmother’s veil or gown that you can incorporate into your bridal veil?  Or maybe you would love to use the lace pieces as a wrap for your bridal bouquet, or added to your hair accessory with a flower attached?  There can be so many ways to use an entire length of lace or pieces of it as well!

A very special thought would be to have a piece of your special lace sewn into your gown.  Even more special would be to have it cut into the shape of a heart and placed right over your heart, inside your bridal gown. How lovely!

Using your imagination, and your heart, you can honor those you love and miss in a very special and perhaps personal way, on your very own wedding day.

Photos : from unknown or personal image collection.

A  lace such as this, would be special taken from a loved one’s gown or veil…especially, just for you!

Vintage lace pieces are wonderful assets! They can be perfectly placed and used in a way that pleases your expectations and desires.

This example shows an edging of lace and individual appliques creating a lovely look.  Vintage, new or combined laces would be lovely.

You can have this beautiful look using a length of new lace or from a vintage gown or veil!

Photo: Bhldn

With just a few pieces of lace, why not have me create a gorgeous Juliet veil.

Photo: Pinterest

A vintage wristlet… So couture in 2019. Use any sentimental piece of lace, ribbon, flowers, beads or pearls!

Photo:  Etsy

Using a Vintage lace will offer a lovely look, sometimes with a color contrast. Similarly, this lace shows it’s golden contrast.

Photo:  Pinterest

Oh, how I love that something blue…and that butterfly!

If you have a special piece from a loved one, use it!

Honor them, and have them close to you on your big day!

Photo:  unknown

Such a beautiful example of the cage veil with a brooch attached.  You can have your own unique pin from someone very special!

Photo:  Erica Koesler

Halos and Hair Vines are a beautiful bridal accessory.  Keep in mind that a new or vintage necklace can serve double duty as a unique head piece. With ribbon ties attached or a secure pinning…I can show you how to incorporate your sentimental, or new pieces, to suit your style!

Photo:  Pinterest

I hope that I will be able to help you with your bridal accessories.  Perhaps I can guide and assure you that the use of a vintage lace or piece of jewelry of any kind would be a lovely contribution to your wedding day look.

What better way to honor and remember those who mean so much to you.

Weather old, new or borrowed, I would be honored to help you with your accessory decisions!

Hope to hear from you soon…