April 12, 2018



I hope that you have noticed my newest feature…the shopping cart!  Please take a moment to browse around and see what kind of items that I offer.

Bear with me as I work out any of “my bugs”, as this is still new for me.  I will make sure that it will be it’s best for your shopping experience.

If there is anything you are looking for that you do not see, I have MANY more items that I may not have posted.  Feel free to contact me, and I will be glad to show you what I have that might interest you!

I love meeting my clients, future brides, and your “girl squads”, in person!  I have come to realize that many of you might appreciate an opportunity to see my collections, “my lovelies”,  right here, on the site.  You are certainly welcome to purchase here:    Shop


Here’s hoping you have a beautiful weekend…and an awesome Springtime!

I look forward  to meeting you or talking to you sometime soon!

Many thanks!