May 19,2020

As we are approaching this period of time to “get back to some normalcy”, I am sincerely hoping that you are all doing well through the challenges you may have gone through these past, several months!

Some of us have gotten through this Pandemic, unscathed, yet having learned so much.

Others, may have not had the pleasure of sitting back and dreaming and learning, and just wanting it to hurry up and end.


I have been thinking about all of you who have had to change your plans for now and into the near future…or perhaps, “until forever”.

My heart goes out to you, those who may be hurting so much.

If any of you need to start over again…I am here for you too.

We all need some bit of normal, or even BETTER!

Let me know…contact me, and I will be glad to help you out the very best way that I can!

  • I will continue to work with you through email and messaging.  I can send photos and any information you may need and help you search for your Accessories and Veils.
  • Contact me and we can discuss the best and safe way to accommodate.
  • All In Stock Bridal Veils are 20% off!

Let’s make beautiful and new choices and start our dream again!

Hoping I will hear from you soon.

Be Safe.

Stay Safe.