April 10, 2018

So many lovely headpieces and bridal accessories are in at Angela Marie.  I have been so lucky to have this collection of handmade items from the talented Ms. Fabiola Capo Millinery.

Take a look at these one-of-a-kind creations that will surely become a family heirloom, a keepsake to hold dear to your heart and to share with another loved one as time goes on!

All pieces are hand made with love, from beautiful silks, Swarovski crystals and pearls, vintage beads and components and unusual vintage french netting.  Hand pressed silk flowers and custom hat bases are also part of this gorgeous collection.

I am loving each one with it’s very own design details!

Contact me to get more info, availability, and for any other assistance.  I know that you will enjoy and appreciate each one as much as I do!

Everything is available for quick shipping. You are also welcome to schedule a time to visit.  Don’t forget, these are one-of-a kind…only one of each is available!  I will be posting other pieces as they are checked in and ready!

I am always here to help and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks bunches!



Petite Pink Silk Pill Box Hat with Vintage Embellished French Netting

Silk Flower with Vintage Beads, Silk Ribbon as Sash or Headpiece

Saucer Bridal Hat with Pressed Flower, Blush Velvet Petals, Vintage Clear Crystal Beading and a Lovely Feather Plume

Art Deco, Side Headpiece of Sequins and Tiny Silver Beading