July, 2019



Are you adding pearls to your bridal look this season?

Pearls are certainly in and I can see why.  With all the stylish updates to the classic pearl necklace, and this big trend that is going on right now, I have to say…Pearls are not  a trend!  They are forever!

Of course…I  L O V E  P E A R L S!

Let’s talk a little bit about the many ways to express your own signature style by adding pearls!




Here is our featured Real Bride, Kate with her family’s vintage pearls subtly scattered on the upper portion of her cathedral veil.  We love it, Kate…and a big Congratulations!                             Veil by Angela Marie                     Photo: AMAbyAisha


Go Bold! Have your veil completely scattered with varied sizes of pearls for a dramatic effect.                     Photo: unknown


Who can resist a back necklace~lariat of crystals and of course Pearls.
by Everything Angelic


Lets not forget a something blue with some beautiful pearls, for a true keepsake.
by Everything Angelic


Be a little bit classic with your pearl strands. Try adding a blue, or any color, silk or velvet ribbon to make it that something extra special.                                    Photo: Unknown


So many variations of a cage veil…bold, with all-over pearls…so couture!             Photo: Unknown


This is an awesome headpiece! The Venus Pearl Crown for the bold and alternative bride.          by Keren Wolf


The photos here are a quick look at the so many options that you, as the Bride~to~Be, have if you are thinking of the huge interest and fun ways to do it up in Pearls!  I for one, am so pleased to see pearls coming on strong this season and far beyond, I hope.

Of course, let’s remember that a classic and sentimental strand of pearls with a drop, or stud earring, is not only beautiful, but oh so perfect!

Here’s to you on your journey, and for the wonders of wedding planning with all the decisions that you get to make, that will “be your kind of beautiful”!






*Side Note:

I apologize for the strange configuration of this post.  I am in the midst of a major update with a long lesson of all the changes that I will need to read up on!  I simply wanted to get this post out, as I have been absent from it for quite a while!

Perhaps next time will be better!    Thank you for understanding!

With a smile….Angie