December 21, 2017

This is one of my most favorite holiday quotes.  For me, it best describes this awesome season.  Such a beautiful time of year.  I hope that you are enjoying the season … I can say that I am loving it!

I realized that I had not posted in a while, and I truly have thought that I needed to, as I should.   It always seemed that I had so many other things I “needed” to do.  But that happens.  I have learned to simply let things fall into place.  Sometimes, we need to  let things run their course.  Then, before you know it,  the time changes, the days get colder and  suddenly,  it’s Christmastime!  How wonderful is that!?

I am saying this, because when I work with my clients, and soon to be brides,  I come to see how awesome it all is!   What better way to spend my time!  I get to see the smiles on the faces  of very happy brides-to-be.  I see joy and anticipation, and kindness returning kindness.

I love what I do, and I am so proud to be able to help each and every one of you, when you visit my little studio!

What does all this have to do with “this most wonderful time of the year”?   It’s when every day, and each month and every season is a lot like Christmas!   Making someone happy.  Being able to contribute to  a  very important and special day in someone’s  life!   How sweet is that?!

There are so many other things going on in our world, and I feel that every little thing that we can make fun, better or special is good, and good for me!

For instance, how about the new 2018 Pantone color of the year…ULTRA VIOLET!   What a fun and beautiful color…

I have seen this color described as “a celestial shade of purple” by Elle Decor.  Evocative, unexpected, yet refreshing!  We probably know it more as “royal” , or rich.  I am looking forward to seeing this gorgeous color in so many aspects of  a wedding, but also as  a new, bold option for home decor and in fashion!

Now, as we all look forward to our Holiday celebrations, family time, friends and  our “time off”,  I will hope that we can all remember the reason for the season, and always, no matter what time of the year, we can Be Kind, Be Grateful and Be Lovely!

Look for new and unexpected 2018 lovelies that are arriving here at Angela Marie!

I hope to meet  you soon!


Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, and an awesome NEW YEAR too!